This render expresses pure boredom. On a late night PC session, I came up with the great idea to make a 3D Nintendo Wii since I had already made a Nintentdo Switch a year ago or so. Also the motivation probably came from my latest investion. Yes you guessed it right, I bought a Nintendo Wii. Now you may think, why does this render express complete boredom? Well I personally am not a big fan of realistic 3D renderings. Its just boring. Why make the same thing you see in real life again? Why not do it differently? So frankly speaking I dont know myself why I did this, but I felt very bored and depressed after making this image. Making realistic looking things is boring and not satisfying to me. Its also not really hard, it just takes some time to do, everybody could do realistic 3D renders. An artist should strive for perfecting his OWN style and not making a replica of whats already there. Your art needs to have something that distinguishes itself form other artworks and makes people remember it. Thats what makes your pieces of art special. Though really getting your own style is very hard and most people dont really even have their "own" style. I dont have one myself yet, but it takes time, or I may not even have one in the end. To have an own real artstyle, you yourself, INSIDE of your head have to see things differently than others. Only then can you really have your unique artstyle.s I dont think this is something you can train, well at least to some point. You would probably need to be mentally sick, like most famous artist that had uncomparable artwork. So to put all this gibbrish I just said into quick words: You have to be insane to be a good artist. Now since I distracted you from the actual question by making you go through this unecessary conversation, I will not give you the answer to why I made this stupid render and wasted my time, because I want the reader to feel the same unsatisfaction and emptiness as me after I finished this artwork.