This short movie was written, directed and animated by Simon Eberl.

BOXED tells a story about supression and manipulation between two races. Cubes and Spheres. It does not revolve around a main prothagonist but instead shows the situation from a third person perspective. This movie demonstrates how easy it is to display some of our social problems, by just using geometrical shapes. Yet at the same time there is no real solution to fixing these problems because their complexity has no ending. BOXED only uses simple geometrical shapes and movement to represent certain actions. The level of detail depends on the importance of the object.

Environment/Character style

Almost all objects in the animation are kept very simple to fit the storyline. The level of detail added to certain objects depends on how important it is to actually elevate it. For example the elevator in the beginning probably has the most detail of all objects in the animation. Now this may also be influenced by just visual decisions, but of course there is more to it. The elevator shows the superiority between cubes and spheres. To be able to communicate with the spheres, the cubes have to take a step way done, by taking the elevator, that leads down from the bridge to the very small city district. The treadmill also had more detail compared to the rest. Its the last step for the spheres before they get their color sucked out, which is a very important scene to the movie. The background was kept quite simple to fit the actual story. The backgrounds are mostly empty and seem endless, which makes the viewer feel lost and alone, such as the spheres themselfs.


Color is also very minimal in the animation. The entire movie goes with a grey to orange color scheme.
The orange is used on very small objects that serve their purpose as buttons or lights. It has an alarming feeling to it, making the viewer really aware of it. Everything in the background is kept grey or either black, because its not important to the story and it elevates the important things very well. It also adds a very ominous feeling to it, when combined with interesting lighting. The spheres are the only characters in this entire movie that actually show their color. They consist of this color from the inside to the total outside. For the cubes race, this color is a possible source of energy for many things. The only purpose the movie shows though, is that the cubes insert this color inside of their bodies, which improves their overall working power as a living being.

The movie adresses multiple problems and is very open for interpretation. Todays society pushes everyone to conformity, uniformity and an ideal image as a person and BOXED represents this problem very well. In this movie's world the sphere's appearance doesnt overlap with the specifications of an ideal image of an aknowledged and respected living being. The cubes however have the "correct" appearance and therefor feel a strong superiority compared to the lowly spheres. This gap in social standing also effects a lot of different things such as technology and overall evolution. Thats why the cubes appear to have higher technology when contrasted with the technology the spheres posses. The cubes have manipulated the spheres so much, that they lost their ability to even comprehend what is right and wrong. They are just controlled puppets for mass production. In the end it leads down to complete slavery, total mind controll and finally a social system that will eventually collapse.